January 4, 2009

#8. Delayed release of EPM/Hyperion 11x for Unix

On July 12 of 2008, Oracle released the most significant release of the Hyperion products (particularly the updating of Essbase) in years. And while the policy of Hyperion always was to release the Windows and Unix versions at the same time, Oracle EPM System, Fusion Edition (AKA Hyperion 11x) was available only for Windows... and only in English. Linux, HP/UX, Sun Solaris, and AIX users were left as frustrated as Sisyphus (of "stone pushing up hill only to have it roll back again" fame).

And Hyperion 11x stayed Windows-only until the middle of November: four months of daily scorning of the desires of Unix admins everywhere to install EPM 11x. While Hyperion (and Arbor before that) was often really slow with 64-bit and Linux releases of its products, never have months gone by before any Unix editions of a major version were made available. Yes, I know that some products have always been Windows-only (Hyperion Financial Reporting Print Server, for instance), but for the products supported on multiple platforms (like Essbase), Windows and Unix were always in lockstep.

One of the bright spots about the English-only Windows 11x release was that almost all of the applications were also available on 64-bit. 64-bit Windows is the way of the future (and many would argue, the way of the present) and running Hyperion on Windows 64-bit is important for Oracle to keep their dominance in the EPM space. Many of the products that compete with Oracle EPM are either not fully 64-bit or they may run on 64-bit but are not optimized for it.

As of this writing, Hyperion 11x is still English-only. Since the release was around 6 months ago, this is just weird. I'm told that the release of the localized languages versions (numbered, most likely) is imminent, but originally it was due before the end of 2008. Let's hope so, because we want the whole world to share in the Hyperion 11x love.

I'm told that the delayed Unix release was a one-time occurrence.  With another major updating of Oracle EPM slated for summer/fall of 2009, we'll see.

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