May 15, 2009

Kaleidoscope Announcements

Promo Code Extended - Get in for $1,225 until June 2
Remember how I said back in April that there was a top secret code for getting into Kaleidoscope for only $1,225 that was only good until April 24? Well, I just found out that the promo code has been extended until June 2. The code is IRC and you put it into the registration code box for big savings (between $300-500, at last check):

As I've mentioned time and and again, Kaleidoscope will be the best conference for Hyperion and Essbase content in 2009. I felt that going into Collaborate and I feel it even more strongly now. Go the ODTUG Kaleidoscope website to see just some of the 80+ hours of classes they'll be hosting on Essbase and Hyperion:
If you haven't already signed up, this is your chance to 4+ days of jam packed Hyperion intermediate- and expert-level training. At $1,225, that's around $300 per day and it includes really great food.

Content Announced for Sunday Hyperion Developer's Symposium
Also, my favorite part of the conference is that all-day Sunday will be delivered by the Hyperion development product managers. They'll be talking about all the things Oracle has planned for EPM, Hyperion, and Essbase in 2009 and 2010. They'll be showing the current builds of the products and they'll even be soliciting audience feedback about what's desired going forward. Here's what Al Marciante and his superfriends have on tap on the Hyperion Developer's Symposium Day (each of these topics gets at least an hour):
  • Essbase by Aneel Shenker from Oracle. Among other things, Aneel will be talking about "persisted calculation functionality on ASO." In other words, he'll be showing us calc scripts on ASO. You heard it here first folks: "calc scripts" are coming for ASO, and Kaleidoscope is your first chance to find out more details.
  • OBIEE by Mike Donahue from Oracle. Some of the more interesting topics include the Web Analysis to Answers Roadmap and the SQR to Publisher Roadmap. If you've been wanting to see the future of the reporting tools and especially how to put the OBIEE products on Essbase, this is the session to see.
  • Smart View by Toufic Wakim from Oracle. Toufic will be showing all the neat things coming in Smart View including the dramatically enhanced new integration of Planning into both Excel and Outlook (yes, Outlook).
  • HPCM by Don Bean from Oracle. This session will start by showing everyone where HPCM is, but it will also show everyone where it's going. There's a lot of money going into R&D right now for HPCM, and we'll be the first ones to see the HPCM roadmap.
  • Keynote by Robert Gersten from Oracle. In case anyone doesn't know, Robert is over about 2,000 developers at Oracle including all the EPM and BI developers. Normally, Robert doesn't give keynotes (except at internal and partner events) but when he does, they're doozies. For the most off the cuff information you'll ever be privy to, make sure you attend this hour even if you skip the rest of the day.
  • HFM by Janette Hollar from Oracle. For those who thought Kaleidoscope had no HFM information, this session will prove you wrong. Not only will Janette be talking about some architectural and functional enhancements planned for HFM, she'll be talking in detail about the new financial close and disclosure management modules for HFM.
  • Planning by Shankar Viswanathan from Oracle. The Planning roadmap may be the most impressive of all. By the end of 2010, Hyperion Planning will not only be the most scalable, but also it will be the most functionality rich planning product on the market. True workflow, anyone?
In case anyone's curious, if you aren't at the Sunday session in person, you won't be able to get any of that information. It's only for people physically there at the symposium and there definitely won't be PowerPoints about it on the internet later.

Again, the code to get the discount is IRC and it's been extended to June 2. Feel free to forward this code on to your friends (I'm making an assumption here) because the code really isn't all that secret anymore. I hope to see you there at the end of June!

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