October 9, 2009

Oracle OpenWorld - Updates on EPM and Hyperion

Blog - Frequent Updates
Yes, I will be blogging about the conference, but I don't know how frequent it will be. While I will try to blog multiple times per day, I can't guarantee it will be live, because I have several events to attend per day. To that end, I have enlisted some help blogging during OpenWorld, so don't be shocked if you see some updates from someone other than me.

If any news breaks, I or one of my collaborators will blog about it here immediately. If you just want to see the OpenWorld updates, use this link:

Twitter - Live Updates
If you do want live updates of every little, random thing that wanders through my mind, I encourage you to follow me on Twitter (account is ERoske). I'll warn you in advance that sometimes very scary things wander through my mind:

I'll be using my twitter account to give color commentary on the entire OpenWorld experience. I'll even have some pictures of what's going on at the conference, so it'll be just like you're there without actually having to suffer through tens of thousands of conference goers.

My OpenWorld Plans
Like most conferences, my schedule will be filled with sessions I'm attending, presentations I've giving, keynotes I'm blogging, meetings I'm attending, and food I'm avoiding. Subject to change at the drop of a hat, here is what I'm intending on doing. The bolded items below are presentations I'm delivering:

Sunday, Oct 11
Monday, Oct 12
Tuesday, Oct 13
Wednesday, Oct 14
Thursday, Oct 15
If You're at OpenWorld
If you're going to actually be at OpenWorld, all the presentations above (both by me and the ones by Oracle) have seats available at the moment. I encourage anyone attending in real life to pre-register for the sessions you want to see. The way OpenWorld works is that if the room looks like it will fill up, they will not let anyone in who hasn't pre-registered.

If you want to talk with me in person (can't imagine why you would, but crazier things have happened), start by going to the bolded items above. I'll have plenty of time to talk and answer questions during my book signing on Wednesday at 1:30-2:00PM. Contrary to popular belief, these book signings are very lonely affairs. You might also be able to find me at the interRel booth in the Hyperion Pavilion in the Intercontinental Hotel. Hope to see you there!

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Ken Sampat said...

OpenWorld attendees may find it easier to plan their visit by importing the session agendas into their calendars. We have kept the calendar files at http://www.poseeq.com/conf.html
Good luck for your presentations.
Thank you.