November 27, 2011

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Blog Seeking Blogs
Hello, all.  I wanted to wait to do a new blog posting until after the holidays.  Originally, I meant Easter which turned into Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Black Friday Continued, Cyber Monday Pre-Sale, and a whole lot of other very important holidays.  Rather than wait until Christmas, I thought I would do a very brief blog entry.

Since I started this blog a few years ago, many blogs have sprung up that have excellent information.  I'm sure I don't know about all of them, so I'd like your help in linking to the great Oracle EPM, Hyperion, and Essbase blogs I may be missing.  Have a look at the scroll on the right (if you're reading this through RSS, go to and look on the right).  If there's something it seems like I'm missing, comment on this entry and I'll add it.

My only criteria is that the blog not be a wholly self-serving marketing blog designed to drive traffic to that person's company's website.  For instance, readers of my blog historically find it difficult to find out what company I actually work for (it's interRel, by the way).  This is because I believe one should be educated first and if they like what you're sharing, they'll seek you out for work.

Calc Script Class on December 8
Now that I've said that, allow me to be slightly hypocritical for a second and mention that I am teaching one of my once a year "Advanced Essbase: Calc Scripts for Mere Mortals" day-long classes.  I do this once a year and it's about the only time I ever teach a paid class.  Unlike previous years, it's a virtual class, so you can take it from anywhere in the world.  If you want to learn about writing Essbase BSO (and ASO) calc scripts, the class is December 8 and it's open to customers of Oracle and partners as well.  The class is $995 USD and at last check, there were a couple of spots open (awesomeness of the virtual classes).  For more info, visit  To register, send an e-mail to Danielle White.

Returning to my original point, if you know of some great blogs I'm missing, comment on the blog with the new address (and yes, it's fine to mention your own blog).


Daniel Willis said...

Hi Ed. Perhaps one for the 'great blogs of the future' category.. there isn't much on there yet but I did have my first mini rant!
I imported all my subscribed blogs onto the blogroll recently so you might be able to grab some links there.

Omegas said...

I have one addition: The EPM/OBI - Product Assurance Engineering Blog which dives deep into the technical side of both product suites. The primary areas this blog concentrates on are tips related to installation/configuration, performance and system security.

Tim Young said...

Hi Edward,

Here are some other blog feeds I follow:

Cameron Lackpour

Hyperion & Stuff

Life beyond Hyperion



Anonymous said...

HI Ed: Thank you for your blogs and updates especially on Exalytics and the competition from SAP. You put the product side competition into perspecive and how underhanded the competition and industry can be. Essbase rocks..