May 28, 2008

Oracle ACE Program

Somebody asked me about the Oracle ACE program that I mentioned briefly in another blog entry. It's basically a title that Oracle awards to dedicated Oracle evangelists. If you eat/breathe/sleep Oracle and spend most of your free time helping other people understand how great Oracle is, you might get nominated to be an Oracle ACE. Once you get nominated, there's a selection committee that looks into your background to make sure you do things like post regularly on discussion forums, write books, make blog entries, give public presentations on Oracle, name your first child Ellison and so forth. In other words, Oracle ACEs are the gurus in their fields of expertise. If you see the Oracle ACE icon next to someone's name on the Oracle forums, they most likely know what they're talking about.

There is a further distinction above and beyond just the Oracle ACE level, and that's an Oracle ACE Director. While an Oracle ACE is a recognition of past achievements, you have to commit to future preaching of the Oracle gospel to become an ACE Director. Fewer than one in three Oracle ACEs becomes an Oracle ACE Director (there's a separate nomination you have to go through to get to this level).

At the time of this writing, there are ~175 Oracle ACEs in the world of which ~50 are ACE Directors. Of those, 6 are in the BI/EPM field and of those six, 4 are in the Hyperion space:
Glenn, Tim, and Gary all post far more in the OTN forums than I do. (I tend to do mass-communications like webcasts, books, blogs, and presentations.) Look for them particularly on the Essbase forum. and on Network54's Essbase site. All four of us will be presenting at Kaleidoscope as well, so you'll be able to meet them in New Orleans. Across all of the tracks, there will be 31 Oracle ACEs and ACE Directors presenting at Kaleidoscope.

Oh, I guess while I'm on the subject of Kaleidoscope, I should point out that as of today, there are only spots left for 18 more attendees in the Hyperion track. If you've been meaning to sign up for the best Essbase training you'll see in 2008, I'd hurry and click here (or forward the link on to the Essbase admin or developer at your company):


GlennS said...

hey, not fun, My blog is great fun(If you are a techno geek who likes to play)!!! My blog is like a fine wine, First you are tempted by it's fine bouquet, then the taste, ah sweet nector engulfing the pallette and finally the warn after taste of satification when you get everything to work like my examples. It has to be sipped to appreciate it, but alas, I'm in a world of beer guzzlers. I guess I'll buy you a beer at the ODTUG conference so you can swill away. After all it is hops and grains.

Edward R. said...

I will no longer be able to think of sipping fine wines without thinking of your blog, Glenn. Thanks for setting me straight.

I'm anxiously awaiting the next sip of your blog!