June 7, 2008

Hyperion e-Support Killed by Supervillian "MetaLink"

Hyperion e-Support
On June 6, 2008 at approximately 7:00 PM Central Time, Hyperion e-Support ceased to exist. If you go to http://esupport.hyperion.com/ you'll get a nice message saying "Hyperion e-Support is now retired." Hyperion e-Support is officially dead and is replaced effective immediately by Oracle MetaLink 3. I've heard good and bad things about MetaLink. Many people like the interface better (although it's apparently very Firefox unfriendly) but a lot of people claim that the Knowledge Base is not regularly updated with new information as cases close and so forth. I was comfortable with e-Support, but I'm also open to change. I am sure that logging into MetaLink the first time is going to be uber-painful for a lot of companies, because everyone will need a new client ID (Support Identifiers, they call them now). For information on the transition plan to MetaLink, visit here:

There's also a nice FAQ here:

Hyperion Download Center
With the move to MetaLink, Oracle is also discontinuing posting patches (AKA "service fixes") to the Hyperion Download Center. In the future, all patches that aren't on eDelivery (like client-specific patches that haven't been fully regression tested), will be made available through the "Patches and Downloads" section of MetaLink. While I'm happy about having a new place to download patches - I always hated the multiple layers of hierarchy on the Download Center - there's one thing that worries me greatly: if you want older versions of some Hyperion versions (say, Essbase 6.5), right now the only place to get those is the Download Center. Those older versions just aren't on eDelivery. As long as they leave up the old Download Center files (and the old site is still up at the moment), I'm okay with it, but everyone be aware: a time is probably coming when the Download Center disappears entirely. If you want those older files, I'd download them now.

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