January 18, 2010

#8. Release of Hyperion Planning and HFM

Remember Pillar and Enterprise? When the decade started, those were all we had for budgeting and financial consolidation & reporting. By the end of the decade, Pillar was dead and Enterprise though still on the price list was on intensive care. Their replacements, Hyperion Planning and Hyperion Financial Management, were built at the start of the decade by the recently combined Hyperion and Arbor Software teams (remember that merger?).

Less than 10 years later, Oracle adopted Hyperion Planning as its strategic direction for budgeting and planning. It also adopted HFM (Hyperion Financial Management) as its strategic direction for financial consolidation, reporting, and management. While there are those who fondly remember Pillar (and even more who fondly remember Enterprise), everyone acknowledges that Hyperion Planning and Financial Management are the way of the future.

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GlennS said...

Interesting, for a while after Planning, Pillar had a resurgance in China because their networks were so bad, it made more sense to send spreadsheet out than to have live interactive planning. It is also interesting that the two products Hyperion brought to the table in the merge are no longer but Essbase is stronger than ever. One wonders if Arbor had held out longer if Oracle or someone else would have bught them.