February 8, 2010

#5. Release of Hyperion System 9

Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Through acquisitions, mergers, and a lack of forethought, Hyperion had developed several products that didn’t talk to each other, didn’t share security, didn’t look anything like each other, and in general looked like they were designed by several, independent companies. System 9 was supposed to solve all of that.

While it eventually did, the original release had three major flaws: it was so full of bugs that it was virtually unusable, it was impossible for anyone other than a trained infrastructure consultant to install, oh, and they thought it’d be a good idea to charge for upgrading to it. By the end of System 9’s lifespan (9.3), it was relatively bug free, easier (but by no means easy) to install, and the price of the upgrade went down. Love it or hate it, System 9 was definitely a game changer.

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GlennS said...

Interesting #5 piggybacks on #6. In addition to making the first "integrated" release. IT was the first version that maed ASO really usable with differt releases adding non-clearing of data during a restructure, incremental clearing and reloading of data and of couse undocumented, but available writeback