February 5, 2010

EPM Connection New Jersey - Agenda and Single Day Rate

The EPM Connection conference (also known as "OAUG Connection Point - Enterprise Performance Management") in New Jersey is less tha 3 weeks away (Feb. 23-24) and there are two developments of note.

The agenda is ready in PDF form (ignore the fact that it says Dubai in the page header). The festivities kick off at 8:30AM on Tuesday, February 23 with a keynote from John O'Rourke on "Smart EPM Strategies for 2010." It then breaks into 5 different tracks covering a range of mostly business topics until 3:30PM. There's a vendor-paid commercial from TUSC that afternoon and a reception that evening.

I'm doing one presentation on the first day along with Steve from Pepsico titled "Achieving a Common Goal: Creating an Oracle EPM Center of Excellence." Tracy McMullen from interRel (Best. Co-author. Ever.) delivers "Day in the Life of a Planning Admin" on the second day. I'm also doing "Finding Profitability in 8 Weeks or Less: An Intro to HPCM" on day two.

Speaking of the second day, John O'Rourke kicks off with another keynote at 8:45AM on what's coming in Oracle EPM in 2010. There are then three more breakout sessions until 1PM. There are a couple of general session things happening from 1-2:30PM before the event wraps up, but I honestly can't tell at the moment what's really going on during that 90 minute period.

The agenda seems to cover a lot of products (though Essbase is woefully underrepresented at about 3 presentations) and a number of good business topics. Total, there are 35+ sessions to choose from which for $495 is a pretty good deal.

The conference is two days long, but there's definitely more content on Tuesday, so some might only want to go for the first day. Realizing this, the kind folks at OAUG added a one-day pass for a reduced charge.

The rate is $350 which is around 30% less than the two-day rate. Since Jersey City is nicely located near New York City, I expect that this one-day pass will allow some regional Hyperion users to go who otherwise could not break away for a couple of days. I hope to see you at least one of these days at EPM Connection.

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