June 19, 2009

Oracle ACE Director Briefing

I'm in Redwood Shores, California at Oracle HQ. I'm here for the semi-annual Oracle ACE Director briefing. Today's topic is the new Fusion Middleware 11g release that comes out on July 1. I haven't figured out yet if this will include the new OBIEE product releases (Answers, Dashboards, Publisher, etc.) that have the better Hyperion & Essbase integration. Since no one's saying anything about it, I'm guessing the answer is "no."

I thought I'd be the only one Twittering about today's briefing, but it seems Twitter is quite popular amongst Oracle ACE Directors. Half the people in the room were twittering wildly for the first 90 minutes until the NDAs (Non Disclosure Agreements) arrived. If you want to amuse yourself, read this feed from the bottom up and notice the volume of tweets (and the content of the tweets) change dramatically once the NDAs got passed around:

The NDA is fairly unrestrictive as these things go. It only keeps what we hear confidential for the next 12 days. Once launch day (July 1) arrives, we can tell everything we were told today (when it becomes public information anyway). In exchange for signing the NDA, we were all given 8 Gb flash drives containing all the pre-release software. I'm thinking of selling mine on eBay.

I got to the Sofitel a little before midnight and then I had to be here for the briefing at 8AM. It's supposed to end at 6PM. We're then going to take a party bus to Monterey for the ODTUG Kaleidoscope conference. Follow this blog if you want to follow along with the conference. If you want live updates during the days (and you're a glutton for random @#&^ that occurs to me during the day), follow me on Twitter.

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