June 20, 2009

ODTUG Kaleidoscope - My Sessions

As President of the ODTUG Hyperion SIG, I chair (along with Tim Tow) the Hyperion/Essbase tracks for Kaleidoscope. In addition, I also get to deliver a couple of presentations. Below are the sessions where I'm either speaking or co-speaking. For each one, I will list (after the session title) the Twitter hashtag you can use to ask questions of me before or during the actual presentation. If you want to learn more about Kaleidoscope's Twitter initiative, visit http://odtugkaleidoscope.com/twitter.html or scroll to the bottom of my earlier post). If you want the complete agenda, go here:
  • Monday, 10:00-11:30AM. Calc Scripts for Mere Mortals. Twitter: #ODTUG S468. I'm joint presenting this one with Gary Crisci, my friend and fellow Oracle ACE from Morgan Stanley. With Essbase ASO soon to support calc script-like functionality, who knows? This may be the last time I give this presentation.
  • Monday, 2:15-3:15PM. How to Save Barrels of Time & Money: Implementing HFM in Less than 6 Months. Twitter: #ODTUG S434. I'm co-presenting this one with Tracy McMullen, best co-author ever and an Oracle ACE Director. This is what's known in the venacular as a "vendor-sponsored presentation." In other words, it's a paid infomercial. I hate delivering these things, but we were given one for free with our premiere sponsorship. I figured I would deliver a presentation that's content-rich but also reminds people that in addition to giving away lots of information for free, interRel actually does make our living as a consulting company.
  • Tuesday, 5:15-6:15PM. Oracle ACE Director Sundown Session on Hyperion, Essbase, and BI. Twitter: #ODTUG S675. I'm moderating a discussion on BI/EPM along with Tracy McMullen, Tim Tow, and Mark Rittman. I'm not sure what will happen in this one, but I get the impression we're taking questions from the crowd in an informal setting. It might just be a mix & mingle.
  • Wednesday, 9:15-10:15AM. 10 Hardcore Essbase Tuning Tips You've Never Heard Before. Twitter: #ODTUG S420. I'm not sure if I have to give this one or not. It was supposed to be delivered by someone else who dropped out at the last minute. I've given this presentation before (including on a webcast just yesterday), so I know the material. I'm going to try to get Glenn Schwartzberg, friend and fellow Oracle ACE, to deliver it so people don't get bored with my droning, monotone voice.
  • Wednesday, 10:30AM-12:00PM. Optimizing Calc Scripts. Twitter: #ODTUG S614. I'm looking forward to this one. I normally don't get to give an entire hour on ways to speed up Essbase BSO Calc Scripts. Even more rarely does anyone give me 90 minutes to talk about it. Again, with the advent of ASO procedural calcs, this might be the final lap for this presentation.
  • Wednesday, 1:30-2:30PM. How Essbase Thinks. Twitter: #ODTUG S522. I've been giving this one for around 10 years, but this one will be very different from all the rest. No, that's not sarcasm: it really will be, because Tom Tortolani will be delivering all the Essbase BSO (Block Storage) content. Those who've been around Essbase since the beginning will recognize Tom's name. He was one of the original 10 employees at Arbor Software and is considered to be the father of the Essbase calc language among other great things. Tom is at Star Analytics these days, and he's going to be covering the BSO part of "How Essbase Thinks" while I cover the ASO part. If you've never met Tom, come to this session for no reason other than to pay homage to an Essbase legend.
  • Wednesday, 2:45-3:45PM. Optimizing 64-Bit Essbase. Twitter: #ODTUG S613. This is actually Brian Suter from Dell's presentation on the optimizations they went through when upgrading from 32-bit to 64-bit Essbase. He's going to do all the Dell-specific stuff and then I'm going to handle the more generic 64-bit optimization tips. Sadly, people think going to 64-bit is a cureall for performance issues when in reality, well optimized 32-bit cubes get slower on 64-bit until they're optimized for 64-bit.
  • Wednesday, 4:15-5:15PM. Essbase Optimization Roundtable. Twitter: #ODTUG S618. I'm not sure if I'm chairing this panel or if I'm just a member. If I'm just on the panel, then I expect Tim Tow will emcee the roundtable. Our goal for this presentation is for each of us to offer up our optimization tips and then take questions from the audience.
Wow, I just realized that I have more sessions on Wednesday than the rest of the conference put together. If you have a question you wish me to address in one of the above sessions, feel free to Twitter it now (just use the hashtags listed above: #ODTUG Snnn).

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