June 19, 2009

ODTUG Kaleidoscope - Overall Agenda

I'm sitting here in the Oracle ACE Director briefing not being able to write about what I hear in the briefing. As such, I thought I'd write about what my conference plans for the next few days since I may not get another moment of free time for the next week.

Saturday, June 20
The first day of Kaleidoscope is always devoted to community service. Last year, they helped rebuild a school in New Orleans. This year, they're removing invasive plants from Martin Dunes on the Pacific coast. While I am a pro-nature sort of guy, I'm not 100% positive I'm going to spend the day on the beach killing evil plants. I love the environment, but this is my only potential down day until the conference begins.

We're the premiere sponsor of Kaleidoscope this year, so we have some massive booth at the front of the convention center. The booth is also supposed to be setup on Saturday, so that may also take me away from the dunes. I hope to get out there, though. There's a planet that needs saving, and it's not like it's going to save itself.

Sunday, June 21
This is the Hyperion Developer's Symposium day. I already did a previous entry on the main content for this day:

I think I'm kicking off the day and then turning it over to the day's host, Al Marciante from Oracle. The symposium should last until 4PM followed by a speaker's briefing from 4:15-4:45.

Steve Miranda will be delivering an evening keynote from 5-6PM. Steve is the SVP of Fusion Apps development for Oracle. Some of the Hyperion attendees might be overlooking because they might think it'll be a briefing on Fusion Apps. From what I've heard, it will actually be more of "how do you manage a huge development project." In other words, the presentation will be more of a business management presentation. I'm going to attend, and I hope my fellow Hyperion attendees do to. There will also be a demo of some Fusion application, but again, I think it's in the context of development management.

Following Steve's keynote is the welcoming reception from 6:15-8:00PM. There will be good hors d’ oeuvres (Kaleidscope is known for their quality food) and some jazz music. I think I have to be staffing our booth in the exhibit hall (where the reception is being held). We actually have a fun new booth concept we're trying (it involves a lot of playing of video games), so I'm looking forward to booth duty slightly more than I normally am.

Monday, June 22
The main keynote for the whole conference (which seriously shows how much ODTUG loves the Hyperion community!) is the great John Kopcke. He's Oracle's SVP of BI/EPM and he'll be keynoting from 8:30-9:30AM. He's going to be talking about EPM and the "Management Excellence" concept Oracle's been advocating for more than a year now. I'm really excited John's giving this presentation, so attendees, make sure you get up bright and early to pack the room!

Sessions are on Monday from 10:00-5:15PM. The evening is open for attendees to run amuck through downtown Monterey pillaging, overturning cars, optimizing SQL, that sort of thing. To avoid this chaos, interRel is hosting a dinner for some people that evening (and I presume I'm supposed to be there).

From 10PM-midnight, we're trying something new for this conference. We're hosting a "Midnight Madness" chocolate buffet, caffeine bar, and "Ask a Hyperion Guru" panel. This session (party?) will also be our one opportunity to address the whole Hyperion community at Kaleidoscope, so we're going to spend a couple of minutes giving an update on the Hyperion SIG.

Tuesday, June 23
This day is pretty simple. Hyperion sessions from 8AM-5:15PM. I then spend the evening doing various Oracle ACE Director activities. There's a panel from 5:15-6:15 (called "Sundown sessions" in the program), a reception from 6:15-7:15, and then an off-site dinner for us Oracle ACEs at the Monterey Beach Resort until 10PM.

Wednesday, June 24
Proving that no one at Kaleidoscope cares in the least if I'm a morning person, there are again sessions starting at 8AM and running until 5:15PM. The evening is a closing night special event involving jazz, food, comedy, food, god-forbid dancing, food, frivolity, and so on. I might ditch early and start up a poker game in my room.

Thursday, June 25
Sessions start at 8AM (why, God, why?) and go until noon. I then head to the Monterey airport for a roundabout series of flights back to DFW. As you can imagine, there aren't a lot of direct flights from Monterey->DFW, so I'm routed through San Francisco. I think I would have actually prefered to drive to SFO so I could fly direct, but I'll just enjoy my tour of the Pacific coast.

Pretend You're At the Conference
If you're company had financial cutbacks making it impossible for you to go to K'Scope this year or if you're otherwise incarcerated (shoutout to Bernie Madoff!), you have some options for following along. ODTUG has a page that aggregates all the blogs about Kaleidoscope:

You can also watch everyone's Twitter feeds about the conference here:

Of course, you can always follow my Twitter feed here:

Twitter will be a big part of Kaleidoscope this year. All of the sessions will have their own Twitter hashtag (basically, "#ODTUG Snnn" where nnn is the session ID). This will allow attendees to the sessions to not only discuss the presentation while it's going on, they'll be able to ask questions of the presenter.

Each speaker is supposed to have an application running live on their laptops showing the live Twitter feed while they're presenting. This could be very confusing for some speakers who aren't used to questions appear on their screen while talking. I'm used to doing webcasts where this is the norm, so I don't expect any issues. I suppose we also have to worry about attendees tweeting uncool things while someone is presenting. Heckling is a whole lot easier if you don't have to speak IRL. This will either be the coolest micro-networking communication idea ever or it will crash & burn. It will be different, no matter what happens.

I will be doing a follow-up post after this one explaining which exact sessions I'm delivering in case anyone wants to tweet me some questions in advance.

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