September 18, 2009

Essbase 11 and Smart View Books On Amazon Kindle

Amazon Printed and On-Line
I mentioned back in June that you could get our Oracle Essbase 11 and Smart View 11 books from our publisher directly. At the time, many of you wondered when they'd be on Wait no more:

On a very cool note, our two newest 11x books are also available in an Amazon Kindle edition. So if you want to always have Essbase or Smart View material available at your fingertips or if you just love saving trees, get a Kindle copy here:

Direct from interRel Press
Now, of course, I would still prefer you buy them from our publisher because we get to keep more of the revenue, but I understand why some prefer Amazon. If you want to help us starving authors get higher royalties (and get your shipment faster too, generally), please visit:

As always, if you want to buy 5 or more copies of one of our books, please e-mail dwhite(at) and she'll be happy to arrange 30% off the list price. Now your entire finance department can afford a copy of the end user book!

Look Smarter Than You Are with Hyperion Planning
Finally, as an update, our next book will be released before OpenWorld. Stay tuned to this blog if you're a user of Hyperion Planning who's been waiting patiently for a book to refer to.


Anonymous said...

Great news on the Hyperion Planning book. Can you please advise what topics will be covered -- any change that you can publish the ToC? Also how much overlap will there be with the Essbase books given Planning uses Essbase. Thanks.

Edward Roske said...

Ask and ye shall receive. The table of contents is here:

As for overlap with the Essbase books, over 90% of the book is brand-new. About the only overlapping material between this and the Smart View End User guide is when we explain what multi-dimensionality is.