September 14, 2009

An Official Apology to My Readers

I'm sorry for ignoring you. My name is Edward and it's been 2+ months since my last posting. In the last entry, I was about to start the Kaleidoscope conference. And then... nothing. I essentially fell into the ether. While I could claim that it was because I've been really busy (which I have), it's really that overwhelming sense I get sometimes that with the plethora of blogs out there these days, that one more really doesn't matter.

About 18 months ago and someone came up to me at a conference and said, "Dude, it's been weeks since your last posting. I'm just sayin' [apparently, that phrase was popular then], you need to update more." Once I realized that I had at least one fan (whom I've nicknamed "Glutton for Punishment"), I figured I'd better update.

What happened over this summer is that I realized while there was a time when I was one of 5 or fewer blogs on Hyperion, Essbase, or Oracle EPM, there are now 30+ blogs on the topic. In other words, I figured that people were getting their news from a lot of different sources, so it wasn't that particularly important if I posted. Yes, some of you did write and harangue me for falling off planet Earth, so I'm not begging for feedback here. Also, I track the hits and even with no postings, I get 1,000 hits per week on this blog. What I really mean is that surely those 30+ sources would cover the things I wanted to talk about.

What I've realized, though, is that even with the volume of blogs and forums out there, they're not reaching the things I wanted to reach. I've now accumulated more than 10 topics that I consider important enough to the community to write about that have either been marginally touched on or completely ignored.

So my apologies in advance if they seem dated, but I'm going to have a flood of postings leading up to Oracle OpenWorld in October. I'm hoping you'll find the content interesting. If not, at least my conscience is clear that I've done my (remarkably) little part to share what I've found out.

Prepare yourself, mom and my other loyal reader, for the onslaught.


srx said...

Got your apologies, so stop whining and starting blogging for real now!

One of your last fan

Anonymous said...

Looking to keep that Oracle Ace distinction?


Anonymous said...

So, what are your Mom's rates for Hyperion consulting services? You must have gotten your smarts from her!

Anonymous said...

And there was much rejoycing.