September 21, 2008

Quiroz on Boudin Bakery, a San Francisco staple

I can't believe it, but it's been two days and I have yet to bite into an original piece of fresh out of the oven Boudin Sourdough bread. I could just hail a cab and be at their famous location in the Fisherman's Wharf if it wasn't for this hectic schedule. Tantilizing the taste buds since 1849, the Boudin Bakery has developed into a visitors must stop with a museum and a full service restaurant. I associate 1849 with the Gold Rush, the 49ers and Boudin Bakery. Now if only I can find some time to get out there.

The ODTUG and OAUG sessions are fine and definitely informative. I have almost no objections except for CTI (Chris the intern, our allstar intern at interRel and soon to be consultant when he graduates) was thanked by the OUAG for his creative assistance with graphics and then accidentally employeed by another Oracle/Hyperion partner. That's the way things go sometimes.

Off to find that elusive sourdough bread...

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