September 20, 2008

Quiroz on Rice-A-Roni, the San Francisco treat

I know this is silly and doesn't have anything to do with the original intent of this blog, but I am compelled to admit something I do everytime I arrive in San Francisco. It happens just after the captain announces that we are minutes away from landing. I try not to think about it as the jingle slowly gets louder and louder and there is only one way to stop it. I have to confront it head on. The music begins to blare and the impluse to sing along kicks in. I've tried to ignore it. I've tried to fight the urge by writing Essbase calc scripts in my head or calculating block optimal sizes for multidimensional cubes, but it only makes things worse. Once, it played in my head for 3 days until I finally gave in! Rice A Roni, the San Francisco treat, Rice A Roni, the flavor can't be beat...!

Damn you
Quaker Oats Company! (since 1956)

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