September 16, 2008

Essbase Labs Blog

I wanted to draw everyone's attention to an Essbase-centric blog that showed up in late July:
Essbase Labs
This blog was started by a couple of the guys who created Hyperion Smart Space and a few other people who've been around the Essbase block.  Here are some of the more interesting posting from them so far:
  • Editing Essbase text files.  In this entry, they show how to use TextPad to edit Essbase calc scripts, MaxL scripts, and so forth.  One of the more interesting parts of this post is a ZIP file that contains information on Essbase-specific terms that TextPad can use to syntax check.
  • Essbase Studio 11x impressions.  The EL (Essbase Lab) guys installed the new Essbase Studio and then used it to rebuild Sample.Basic in Studio.  I will say that they make it seem a bit more difficult than it actually is, but it's a nice tour of the more common parts of building an Essbase cube in Essbase Studio.
  • Recent Essbase differences.  Here they cover some of the major system-level evolutions of Essbase 11x such as recent directory changes and the difficulties in starting Essbase 11x in a foreground window.
Speaking of some of the Smart Space creators, there's another blog that I'll recommend called Project Renegade.  It is not exclusively Hyperion (or Essbase) related, and it's a bit dry, but some of things they've posted are fascinating.  One of my favorite posts (from back in January) has to do with using Essbase CDF (Custom Defined Functions) to alert users.

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