September 11, 2008

Live Blogging Oracle OpenWorld from a Hyperion Standpoint

I've gotten several e-mails in the last few days about Oracle OpenWorld.  They tend to go like this:
Hey, Edward!  It's been too long.  You haven't posted anything since Hyperion 11x came out.  Been too busy trying to workaround all the bugs in the new version?  ROTFLOL.

In all seriousness, I was writing to ask if you're going to OpenWorld?  I'm not.  If you're going, can you do me a favor and write about every single interesting thing you come across while you're there?  That way, I can learn through you and save my money for [Kaleidoscope or Collaborate].

I really appreciate all that you do, and if you're too busy to post every day of OpenWorld, I understand, but I will no longer respect you.

Your friend,
[Someone I've never heard of]
Now it's important to me to be respected by those I don't know since people who've met me have 0% chance of respecting me.  So let me say that yes, I will be going to Oracle OpenWorld 2008, and yes, I will be live blogging throughout the conference.  This means that I will not only be posting every single day, I will be submitting posts through the wonders of AT&T 3G from my laptop several times each day too.  While this is not terribly unique since there are at least 100 other people blogging OOW, it's worth pointing out that I'm one of fewer than three people that I know that plans on doing so solely from the perspective of Hyperion (or Essbase or EPM Fusion Edition or whatever cute name we're supposed to be calling the former Hyperion Solutions today).

To help you follow the daily tribulations of OOW, bookmark this link which will take you right to my OpenWorld postings throughout the conference (this way, you skip my many postings about what my cat caught last night out behind the woodshed and then dragged into my kitchen to show me):

In the next couple of days, I'll be posting the events that I plan to attend at OOW (including a presentation or two that I'll be delivering).  If you want to offer suggestions for things for me to go to on your behalf (so you won't have to), feel free to comment on this post.  I'm totally open for new ideas (saving me from having to come up with any of my own).

If you are actually attending OOW, there is a nice PDF that Oracle's put together that describes all the EPM-related content.  They did miss a couple of key events - like the ODTUG Hyperion Symposium on Sunday from 1-4:30 and Kopcke's Keynote from 4:30-5:30 - but it's definitely a great start:

Speaking of the ODTUG Hyperion Symposium on Sunday, both that and the Kopcke keynote "Extending Operational Excellence to Management Excellence: Oracle’s Vision for EPM" are in Moscone West room 3016.  I'll be chairing the symposium, so if you want to come by and say hello (or more likely, throw things at me like, say, $100 bills), stop by room 3016 a little before 1PM on Sunday.

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