April 17, 2008

Collaborate 08 - Mark Rittman's Blog

Mark Rittman has a very nice blog (he's quite the wordsmith) and since he's in Denver for Collaborate (flew over from the UK), he's blogging about Collaborate all week too. He attended my "How Essbase Thinks" presentation on Monday and he has for more interesting things to say about the presentation than I said during the presentation. My favorite quote was "The room was packed - around 170 at last count, with people standing at the sides and sitting in the aisle - which is about 160 more than the average Oracle OLAP talk in previous years." Interesting to see how much interest has fallen off for Express (Oracle OLAP) in the last few years. Mark was also surprised that I have a techy side, as he had previously marked me as a "business-type person." I think it was my "CEO" title that threw him.

Go to
http://www.rittmanmead.com/2008/04/15/collaborate08-day-1/ and check out Mark's Collaborate entries for yourself.


Fais said...

Sorry for old question, I can't fine any answer on the net.

What is the difference between "Essbase for Mere Mortals: An Insider's Guide" and "Look Smarter than You Are with Essbase"? As I have checked the book preview on Google and I found the Table of Contents are the same?

Is it the same books whith different title or something else?

I found your four books at lulu.com that confused me

Could you explain please.

Anonymous said...

"Essbase for Mere Mortals" or as it's now called "Look Smarter Than You Are" is actually a pretty good book, especially for newbies like you. There is a lot of humor mixed into the book which makes it an easier read.