April 13, 2008

The reception (with cheap liquor, I might add, even though I don't drink alcohol) was interesting. It started off about evenly split between partners and clients. By the end, I counted 4 remaining clients and over 30 partners. That's just crazy.

They held a raffle for attendees during the reception. The five consulting companies that sponsored the reception each bought a $50 gift card. I also donated a signed copy of each of my 3 books.

They decided to draw for one of my books first. The first winner was... Danielle White of interRel. She opted for a gift card instead. Some clients won copies of my book and they seemed generally appreciative. Gary from Vanguard in Pennsylvania actually won a $50 gift card and asked if he could please exchange it for one my $29.95 copies of Look Smarter Than You Are with Essbase: An End User's Guide. I think I'm blushing. Due to the huge quantity of interRel employees at the reception, interRel people one 3 of the 5 gift cards, but after the second of our employee's won, we decided to throw out any further interRel winners.

I'm going to run back to my room and change before heading over to a dinner for all the Oracle ACEs.