April 13, 2008

There's kind of a fun Q&A going on right now between the OAUG Hyperion SIG board members and the audience. Allow me to paraphrase as best I can.

How many members are there in the Hyperion SIG?

How many would you like to have?
500-1000. The problem is that [the Hyperion SIG] can't directly ask people to join the SIG per the OAUG rules.

That seems like a strange rule. You also mentioned that OAUG limits how many can be on a webcast to 25. What actual advantages are there to the Hyperion SIG being a part of OAUG?
They're actually getting the software upgraded to handle more people and they let us post them on-line in the meantime so people can download them. Those are two advantages right there. [Editor's Note: I cry foul with that answer, because those aren't advantages to OAUG, but rather how they're going to solve some of their shortcomings.]

Are the Hyperion User Groups going way and if so, why isn't Hyperion SIG being touted as the replacement for them?
[Editor's Note: I can't do justice to the debate that occurred around this question. Suffice to say that no one has a good answer from OAUG Hyperion SIG and the entire room is confused about what the future state is.]

When will elections be held since the current board seems to have not been elected?
The bi-laws aren't finalized yet, but should be by Spring of 2009. We'll have elections for some of our 5 board members in 2009 at OpenWorld, but we'll need to stagger them. [Editor's Note: the current board and domain leads are very much dominated by partners. I see a credibility issue arising if they don't get a better balance of clients and partners on the board. I'm not sure this can wait until 2009.]

The meeting is now breaking up as the attendees wander clear across the convention center to a reception sponsored by 5 partners (most of whom don't even have booths at COLLABORATE 08, but I digress).