April 13, 2008

I'm now listening to Ray Payne who's the guy from OAUG that tries to convince people/groups to join OAUG. From the way he's talking, it seems that it's a foregone conclusion that the regional HUGs (Hyperion User Groups) are disbanding. That's probably a subject for a blog entry in and of itself.

Ray's main point about joining OAUG is that OAUG is big and bigger means "carries more weight with Oracle." He also mentioned something about a big knowledge base that OAUG is starting called the "OAUG Knowledge Factory." I was going to ask about the cost for a company to join OAUG, but Ray just concluded his presentation by not taking any questions. That's too bad because I heard that far from free (like the regional HUGs), it actually costs $395 to join OAUG and that's per year.

The guy next to me just saw me typing "$395/year" and corrected me. He says it's $595 per year (thanks, Guy Watching Over My Shoulder). Almost $600 per year for advocacy? There must be more advantages than he listed for all that money. Did I mention that the regional HUGs don't normally charge any dues whatsoever?