June 20, 2008

Daniel Poon's MDM Blog

I came across a blog recently from someone going by the stage name "Daniel Poon." His blog is mostly about MDM (Master Data Management) or as it's now known, DRM (Data Relationship Management). From what I can tell, "Mr. Poon" is a DRM consultant for KPI, a consulting firm out of San Francisco.

There's a humorous posting where "Daniel" seems to be quite pleased at his ability to find a bug in DRM. He seems to be fairly frequent in his posts, and I recommend you check it out if you're interested in MDM, DRM, or WAOCUW4T (Whatever Acronym Oracle Comes Up With for MDM Tomorrow).


Daniel Poon said...

This is Daniel here. Thx for visiting my blog. Whilst I can easily find lots of info in Essbase, it's often difficult in locating information about MDM/DRM. My blog seeks to share information about this tool which I had the pleasure to use from Razza to Hyperion and now Oracle.

Tim Tow said...

Daniel Poon is not a stage name. I know Daniel as he used to work for one of our customers. I am glad to see he is out there sharing his knowledge.. Welcome Daniel!