June 15, 2008

Kaleidoscope - Day Before

I'll be live blogging the ODTUG Kaleidoscope from New Orleans. To be honest, I'm already here, and I'm really tired. It's almost 3AM and I just got back from poker at Harrah's. My flight got in late from Dallas Love Field at about 6:30PM. My taxi got to the Sheraton about 7PM.

This is my first time back in New Orleans since Solutions 2005 (pre-hurricane, in other words). From what I've seen so far, New Orleans is doing very well. I was pokering from 9PM until about 2AM, and when I walked back to the hotel up Canal Street all alone, I only felt moderately afraid of being mugged. The ODTUG people sponsored a day of community service to help do their part to rebuild New Orleans. I'm going to visit the French Quarter at some point this week and see how it's doing.

I'm going to take a brief nap before the start of our Essbase Developer's Symposium at 8:30AM. Tim Tow and I are giving an opening kick-off to the week for about 30 minutes before we turn it over to Al Marciante to moderate the Developer's Symposium.

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