June 30, 2008

ODTUG Hyperion Developers SIG

In continuing ODTUG news, there's now a dedicated Hyperion Developers SIG page on odtug.com. Right now, it's mostly made up of all the presentations from Kaleidoscope. You do have to be a member of ODTUG to download the Hyperion content.

The good news is that I think you only need to be an Associate member to download the Kaleidoscope presentations. If that's correct, the even better news is that an
Associate Membership of ODTUG is free. Don't quote me if I turn out to be wrong on that (but, please, someone let me know if a full membership is required). Until you hear differently: sign up as an Associate member and download away.

1 comment:

r_tabor said...

Signed up as an Associate Member and I'm able to download the Hyperion documents - thanks.