June 28, 2008

Essbase 11 - Preview PDF

Thanks to the wonders of the Google gods, Sebastien Roux found a link (which he posted on Network54) to a 66-page preview of Essbase (which I think cubegeek then downloaded and put on his site). The preview is in PDF format, and though slightly dated (for instance, it still mentions "Shelley" which was pulled as a code name from the next release), it's remarkably thorough.

It has a ton of screen prints (all of which cutely refer to "Hyperion 9.5"). It goes into enough detail to cover things like new environment variables and there are multiple slides on the new calc script functions which shows just how detailed it is. I particularly liked the slides with shots of the new Smart View Report Designer. There are slides on the new installer and life cycle management tools too.

Go here for the direct link to the PDF:

Based on some of the more technical content in the PDF, if I had to guess, I'd say this is probably a presentation from someone in the beta program and not one of the Hyperion 11 marketing PDFs floating around. The author (per properties in the file) is "yaoma" which means exactly nothing to me although I choose to believe that Yaoma is a rogue, hyper-intelligent Oracle spy with the looks of Keira Knightley and the attire of Trinity in the first Matrix movie. I also choose to believe that I look good in interRel polo shirts and khaki shorts, so it's possible my judgment is suspect.

I also heard that the newest pushed back release date (subject to change at a moment's whim compliments of Oracle) is July 10. I doubt there will even be a press release when it's made generally available, so make sure you check
edelivery.oracle.com or just set up an RSS feed to this blog for further news.

[Update on July 3, 2008: Gary Crisci e-mailed me to say he's pretty sure that this PDF is from the "Hyperion Essbase - What's New, What's Coming" presentation that Aneel Shenker from Oracle delivered at Collaborate in April. I've met Aneel and while he's a nice guy, he's not exactly Keira Knightley.]

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